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Auto Vision Knife Cutting M/C



• Cutting Area : 1,550 x 1,000mm 

• Air Supply : 180NI/min – 6 bar 

• Max Power Consumption : 9.5KW 

• Cutting Speed : 50m/min 

• Punching Speed : 300holes/min 

• Weight : 1,700KG 

• Dimension : H2,780 x W2,220 x L1,750mm 







▶ Static mode – Prototyping : With conveyor belt idle, the head can operate over

    the entire nesting/cutting/collecting common area (1m deep) always visible and

    accessible by the operator, thanks to the suspended arm that keeps the sliding

    bridge beyond the work area in progress.


▶ Single head Double mode : The innovative patented T-gantry structure (head

    on cantilever arm, sliding bridge and conveyor belt) creates a large work area

    shared with the operator and free from any support element, to work in two

    different operation modes.