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Backpart Moulding M/C (Airbag)



• Dimensions : 1,450 x 850 x 2,000mm

• Net Weight : 550Kg

• Air Pressure : 6 kg/㎠

• Power : 2.5Kw, 220V

• Capacity : 1,800Pairs/8Hr








◼︎ Apply to any counter material, best if use thermoplastic, silicon outer mold, inner mold temperature 

    can be up to 200℃, cold mold down to -20℃, can be adjusted the temperature for the different material.


◼︎ Adjustable pillars ensure effect of molding is perfection.


◼︎ Use the calibration lamp to ensure the right position.


◼︎ The die adopts the air bag mould, the operation is simple, and the cost of the mould is saved.