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Assembly Cement Drying Unit



◼︎ Single side designed, more delivered combing ways and more space available, most comfortable system 

    for NOS/LEAN project.  


◼︎ Movable and combing unit design can fast change production layout. 


◼︎ The upper layer for outsole transferring, the lower layer for lasted shoe transferring, this principle could

    release the tire from the operator and improve work efficiency. 


◼︎ Special design can adjust the self-balancing shoe holder, suitable for any size shoes and easy for 

    changing, and also meet the NIR heating structure design. 


◼︎ Optional computer control system, accurately control the temperature and provide the needed data. 


◼︎ Environment friendly system with adsorbing device. 


◼︎ Short drying time by NIR heating system. 


◼︎ Sole attaching with fast conveyor belt, make the shoes quickly deliver to the pressing and improve product



◼︎ Cost, power, last saving and time shortening.