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Stockfit Cement Drying Unit



◼︎ Convenient Working : Easy to 3 Station with Patented System

◼︎ 3 Station Stockfil C/V : Available for Many Component s al Once. - Patent

◼︎ Multi Drying : Single Line is Available for Using Like Double Line

◼︎ Temperature, Output Indicator : Sole & Upper Temperature Output Display (Option)

◼︎ Andon Lamp : Automatic Failure (Fan, Heater) Display with Andon Lamp

◼︎ Foot Panel : Foot Rest Panel for Worker

◼︎ Stability of Temperature : Deviation of Temperature is Lower than Others


◼︎ Chamber Cooling Device : Surface Temperature of Chamber is Lower than Others (Under37°C)

◼︎ Quick Changeover Layout : Easy Movable Chamber & C/V - Patent

◼︎ Saving Cost (Power, Process, Lead Time···etc)

◼︎ Good Business, Good Development, Easy Maintenacne, Customer Sai sticat1on

◼︎ Cost, power, last saving and time shortening.