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based on
and integrity.

USM Corp. Ltd is the company which sincerely and integrity company with willing to do our best in every business field based on our long standing exprience and technical skills in shoe making machinery.

We have been contributing for automatic processing reducing cost, increasing productivity, improving high quaility on Shoe Industrial business in World.

Also We will always try to win and keep our highest reputation with wide-ranged developed by the sales of shoe making machinery and support our excellent technical ability continuosly.

We have been dealing various kinds of CAD/CAM system, Cutting Press, Stitching M/C, Lasting M/C, Drying System, Goodyear Welt M/C, various Materials which are world famous brand and what more instrallation, training and A/S even Consulting by ourselves.

Furthermore, we have got a hidden know-how for manufacturing Sports shoes, Dress shoes and multi Special shoes and we are always prepared to consulting for you anytime you knock us.

We will do our best for customer satisfaction with our sincerely honesty.

USM Corp. Ltd.

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